Introducing Liver Fellow Network: a platform for fellows, by fellows

Welcome to the official website of Liver Fellow Network! 

Liver Fellow Network (LFN) is a collaboration between gastroenterology and hepatology trainees who feel there is a gap in educational resources within the specialty of hepatology. LFN is committed to producing quality and relevant educational content that is easily digestible and data-driven. We know that mediums like a 50-slide didactic or self-directed reading lists are often cornerstones of non-clinical education. At LFN, we feel there is a better way of synthesizing high-yield information incorporating audio and visual media.

The bulk of the content is organized into our “Core Series”:

  1. Evidence corner: An examination of landmark studies that shape how we treat patients with liver disease.
  2. Clinical pearls: A case-based, succinct learning initiative highlighting important management considerations within hepatology.
  3. Pathology pearls: A review of high-yield liver-related pathology teaching points.
  4. Tweetorials: An index of #tweetorials at your fingertips for all things liver!
  5. The Why? Series: An exploration into the “dogma” of liver disease. Have you ever wondered, for example, why the AST is elevated in excess of the ALT in alcohol-associated liver disease? The Why? Series takes a comprehensive look at this and other important topics. 

We’ll also be producing a monthly podcast, “Decompensated: The Liver Fellow Network Podcast”, which takes a deep, (hopefully) entertaining dive into important topics within liver disease. 

Check out our About page to learn more about the faculty and fellows behind LFN.

If you have any questions, suggestions or are interested in contributing to the site, please feel free to drop us a line on Twitter (@liverfellow) or at – we’re waiting to hear from you!

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