The July 1 Special w/ Elliot Tapper! Menteering, MedEd, Saying No and the Perils of Big Ammonia.

Show Notes

Adam and Alex have a chat about life changes (0:04-3:00) before welcoming in Dr. Elliot Tapper for a far-reaching conversation, touching upon mentorship and “menteering”, how to say NO as a trainee and, naturally, Bravo reality TV (3:04-36:19). Then, Adam teases a new and welcome change to the transplant hepatology fellowship application process. Finally, Alex discusses his new publication in Liver Transplantation studying the impact of early liver transplant for alcoholic hepatitis on cost and healthcare utilization (36:30-47:00).

Dr. Tapper’s “menteering” paper:

Alex’s paper on the healthcare utilization and costs for transplantation in ALD:

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