Abnormal liver enzymes: To steroid or not to steroid?

A 57-year-old woman presents with an acute history of fevers to 101°F, RUQ abdominal pain, fatigue, arthralgias, and elevated liver enzymes. Her symptoms first started two weeks prior to presentation. She does not drink alcohol or use illicit drugs. She has not had any recent travel. She does not take NSAIDs or Tylenol. Her labs on admission are WBC 6.5, Hct 42, Plts 222, ALT 348, AST 225, ALP 185, Tbili 4.5, INR 1.1. A Tylenol level is undetectable. Hepatitis A, B, and C testing are negative. COVID-19 testing and tickborne panel are negative. A doppler ultrasound of the liver is normal. Additional lab testing revealed a positive antinuclear antibody, an elevated anti-smooth muscle antibody at a titer of 1:320 and an elevated IgG at 2052. What is the next best step in evaluation and/or management?