The Cardiology-Hepatology Axis-Fontan Associated Liver Disease

A 19-year-old male with past medical history of hypoplastic left heart syndrome s/p Fontan surgery 15 years ago is referred to be seen in hepatology clinic for screening for Fontan associated liver disease (FALD). Which of the following is the best clinical predictor of FALD?

Pathology Pearls Post 5: Chronic Viral Hepatitis

In patients with chronic liver disease, liver biopsies are taken to evaluate extent and progression of disease, which helps guide therapy. Here, we discuss the microscopic features of chronic hepatitis and the two most common histologic scoring systems used to evaluate liver biopsies with chronic hepatitis.

The Liver Biopsy: Importance and Interpretation

Why do patients get liver biopsies? The main goals of a liver biopsy are to (1) render a diagnosis in a patient with abnormal liver function tests (LFTs) or a liver lesion on imaging, (2) provide staging and grading in a patient with a history of chronic hepatitis, (3) assess the liver’s response to treatment, and (4) assess the function of a liver transplant.