What happens to the liver when blood vessels go rogue

A 40 year-old female with a history of recurrent nosebleeds presents to hepatology clinic for persistently elevated liver enzymes. Lab work-up reveals total bilirubin 1.0 mg/dL, alkaline phosphatase 247 U/L, ALT 90 U/L, AST 53 U/L, INR 1.0, hemoglobin 7.5 g/dL and platelet count 250 K/cmm. Iron studies reveal ferritin 12 ng/mL, iron 20 ug/dL, transferrin saturation 5%.

On physical exam she has multiple small telangiectasias on her trunk, upper extremities, lips and oral mucosa. Non-tender hepatomegaly is noted on abdominal exam.

Her mother also suffers from recurrent nosebleeds, iron deficiency anemia and has similar telangiectasias on her lips and trunk.

What is not recommended as part of the work-up for this condition?